I watched Bojack Horseman

It has to be a cartoon horse, for me to care about a middle aged white guy’s problems.

It’s a good show.

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The GOP’s Problem Isn’t Trump

It’s Trump voters.

Maybe if more Republicans went into higher ed, they’d have realized earlier, by closely reading the signs of his combustible misogyny, that Trump’s campaign would explode at the last minute, pulling them down with him. I’d like to warm my hands at the still-hot ashen rubble, but we still have those voters. That basket. Over there.

Meanwhile, my post-Bernie friends are blaming the 2-party system for our civic ills. Hubba-waaaa? If we had a third party, say, a Flaming Shitbag Rubble of Civil Society party, then that basket would constitute something close to a plurality of Americans. And I’m the big-nosed, dark-curly-haired, neurotic middle aged lady at the bar screaming “Nazis White nationalists!! If we had a viable third party we’d elect Nazis White nationalists!!!! They’d be IN OUR GOVERNMENT”

In the sober morning light I acknowledge they’ve already gerrymandered themselves into our government. But it’s local government. And before Donald Duck legitimated celebrated hateful rhetoric, these elected officials respectfully coded their political beliefs in constructions like “reverse racism” and “property values” and “school choice” and “flat tax” and “family values” and yeah, it’s not buried all that deep.

Now the endpoint of gerrymandering, Trump, may yet engender the downfall of the party that orchestrated gerrymandering.

Am I allowed to delight in this potential irony as a small light pinpricked through what is otherwise a dark, dark time?

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TfH Summarizes Critical Theory

Friends, I’m in the muck of drafting a study of Dana Spiotta for the Gale American Writers series and thought I’d share what’s been happening in contemporary literary studies since I’ve been gone.

Postmodernism: No stable, coherent subjectivity is possible given the way media technologies, the war machine, capitalism, racism and sexism have colonized everything about our experience as humans.

“Post-postmodernism” (no non-dumb name for this yet): Yeah, but we have to find a way to live anyway.

This is why people get so worked up about David Foster Wallace saying fiction is about what it means to “be a fucking human being.” And why people talk about feelings affect as suddenly mattering. And why the canon got splintered by people with non-normative experiences like being LGTBQ or black or women or generally  people who’ve had their identities smashed by mainstream culture forever and were like yeah, duh, when the white straight guys realized this in the 60s-90s.

Finding an ethics within fragmented subjectivity–> That’s Dana Spiotta’s work.

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The C word

I skimmed some of the potty talk about the Clinton Foundation’s treatment of donors and wondered if anyone perpetuating the Clinton Scandal of the Day has ever worked at a nonprofit before. You sweet talk donors. That’s how it works. You scrub up and buff and shine for them. You puff out air fresheners. You spend precious gen ops funds on feting them. You honey talk them and give them access and strategery and Feelings of Importance. 

Plus this reminder that the C Foundation saves lives. Lives ignored by most of us. 

How many lives have you saved today? How many Saudi princes does it take to cure AIDS? 

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It’s science! fact!

Science! found that supporting low-income couples with pro-family policies like subsidized child care, paid family leave, and flex time would strengthen the hallowed institution. Whereas marriage counseling does not. 

Thanks, Science! For proving common sense!

I’ll never tire of research verifying liberal truisms. 

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