Shenanigans on the Floor!

Always-reliable Ezra Klein reporting on Congressional head-butting over Simpson-Bowles, the recommendations resulting from Obama’s bipartisan itty bitty fix-the-budget committee:

To Democrats, that bipartisan deal [the Budget Control Act of 2011], which ended the debt-ceiling standoff, set spending for the next two years, and the GOP is reneging on its word. Republicans counter that they consider the BCA as a ceiling on spending, not a floor, and they have every intention of trying to cut spending further.

Which is all to say that, on Wednesday, Conrad tried to do what so many in Washington said was necessary: Move to Simpson-Bowles. Make this debate bipartisan. Instead, Simpson-Bowles got trashed by Republicans and jammed into a protected, partisan process by Democrats. And the GOP provided more evidence that they want to undercut the Budget Control Act, which means we’re headed to a showdown over appropriations, and soon. Attempts at bipartisanship, in other words, showed just how partisan this issue really is.

Of course they did. Of course. Feverish obsession with TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!! has prevented anyone from thinking straight about how to spend, and save, public money.


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