Mother-In-Law vs TSA (Guess Who Wins?)

I was away from the bloggerator for a few days, but on my adventures, I saw this. Once more, The Atlantic’s Middle East reporter gave me the giggles.

Goldblog’s tiny, retired librarian mother-in-law was detained after the TSA screen-machine found an “anomaly in the crotch area.” Needless to say, there was no anomaly.

Here’s where she is awesome:

I asked her if she felt  embarrassed by the manner in which the TSA treated her.

“I’m not embarrassed,” she said. “I just think they’re stupid and their machinery is defective and they should learn to whisper when they’re talking about my crotch, or anyone’s crotch.”

I’m not embarrassed. They’re just stupid. And rude.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are wrong. Librarians are awesome.

And if you have been fortified enough by the funny old-lady-crotch story, you can scroll down and read Goldblog’s discussion of a reasonable, even cautiously optimistic plan for peace in the Middle East.

A teaser from the plan, published as a NY Times op-ed on Monday:

We recognize that a comprehensive peace agreement is unattainable right now. We should strive, instead, to establish facts on the ground by beginning to create a two-state reality in the absence of an accord. Imperfect as it is, this plan would reduce tensions and build hope among both Israelis and Palestinians, so that they in turn would press their leaders to obtain a two-state solution.

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2 thoughts on “Mother-In-Law vs TSA (Guess Who Wins?)

  1. Howard Uliss says:

    Uh-oh- I’m flying tomorrow.

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