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American Way of Eating: The Thrilling Conclusion

Regular readers (Hi!) may recall my partial book review of The American Way of Eating, a madcap adventure in the economic realities of food industry workers. And I mean industry workers: vegetable pickers, bagged sauce microwavers, and pallet unpackers. She is very clear: there is no cooking in any of her food industry jobs.

No Molto Mario and barely even the Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade she cites. The head of produce at Walmart knew nothing about produce.

Part 1 described McMillan’s experiences as an ag worker in California’s Central Valley. Heat stroke! Tennis elbow! Generosity as self-interested social practice!

She then worked in the grocery section at a Detroit Walmart and the kitchen of an NYC Applebee’s, the world’s largest grocery store and chain restaurant. These sections were so different that they seemed part of a different book.

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What She Said!

This is a really smart, reasonable discussion of Elisabeth Badinter’s new book and its place in the so-called Mommy Wars.

Allen offers a cogent summary of foundational conflicts within the feminist movement. Then she uses that history to explain why we seem to get so bogged down by this whole working mom thing.

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Those are Two Different Stories (Mad Men)

One story: The Sheik of Araby

The other story: Helen of Troy

But both stories are about using money to degrade women.

I’m the Sheik of Araby. Your love belongs to me.
At night, when you’re asleep, into your tent I’ll creep.
And then the stars that shine above will light our way to love.

Um, Sheik? Where I’m from, that’s not called love.

And this is not what one’s “champion” does:

Thanks to From Toronto, With Love, for this! I totally stole it.

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I’m Not Actually Marxist (I Believe in Cookies)

For those of you who get to this blog from the LinkedIn mobile app, and you saw my previous headline before I edited it, and didn’t see the big picture of the Marx Brothers, and thought maybe I wasn’t kidding, I offer you this eye-candy:

Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend! Stay tuned for the Mad Men post later today.


How I Became Marxist (Marx Brothers!!!!!!)

Like this:

I finally saw Duck Soup for the first time since young, young youth.

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What, Me Worry about the Internet?

There was a massive ultra-orthodox Jewish symposium Sunday (over 50,000 men in the NY Mets’ stadium) on how to deal with the ways the Internet is affecting strict Jewish practice. This full interview with the organizer may be interesting only to Jewish people, or to those inordinately fascinated by very, very religious people.

But one part of it really struck me as stunning. Stunning for all of us, not just for Jews and the Jew-curious.

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