Some Good Political News?

I don’t have time to explore this fully today, but I just caught this surprisingly optimistic post from Wonkbook’s Ezra Klein.

A few freshman Democratic senators are proposing filibuster reform.

Klein’s talked to people who know people. He presents this heartening idea: there is momentum in the Senate to be less dumb. If Democrats win the Senate, they can have the majority to pass the rule. If Republicans win, they will want the credit of filibuster reform on their records. It may happen?!?!?

Say WHAT?!?!?

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2 thoughts on “Some Good Political News?

  1. Inder says:

    Heh. But would filibuster reform actually help the underlying dumbness? Maybe …

    On a totally unrelated topic, Joe has learned to say “Okay! I’m coming!” but then dawdle some more, and then when you bug him to get moving, he says, perkily and without resentment, “Okay!! I’m coming!” and then dawdles some more. We’re calling this his “filibuster.” We’re pretty sure he learned it from me. *Duck.*

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hah! The underlying dumbness it would solve is the way reporters say that getting 59/100 votes was a legislative failure.
      Joe’s filibuster sounds much better for our country.

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