The Stakes of the Affordable Care Act

Yowza!!  If the health care law is repealed by our 9 esteemed Supes, the health insurance industry would lose $1 TRILLION.

To put it in perspective, 1 trillion heart stents placed end to end starting at the White House would get all the way to Thailand and buy discount surgery.

Most of that amount would come from 16 million people expected to buy new insurance. A good 2/3 of those folks will be supported by federal and state subsidies.

Most of the rest of the trillion would come from the gummint as well, from the Medicaid expansion.

And while 80% of that trillion would go to actual health care services (SAY WHAT?!?!?!), because the law requires it, insurance companies would get to keep a hefty chunk of it as sweet, latex-scented profit.

Thanks, Bloomberg Government, for this first installation of number crunching. I’m looking forward to the next batch, which will calculate the impact of reform on other industries (that 80% spent on actual health care.)

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