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Health Care Decision Roundup

Thank goodness for the Daily Beast.

Wait, did I just say that?

Here I was, trying to come up with an efficient way to understand the left and right smarties’ reactions to the health care decision. How can I possibly ingest all that opinion? Would my head have to start radiating beams of yellow light as my skull fails to withstand the pressure of so much agenda-driven analysis, combined with the stress of wading through the internet to find it?

Nope. Tina Brown did it for me. Hope her skull’s intact!

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How You Should Spend Your Next Three Minutes

I’m going to see Moonrise Kingdom this weekend! Stay tuned for a review next week.

Meanwhile, if you have 3:05 minutes to spare, and you comprehend the comic majesty of Bill Murray (or know you would if given the chance), please watch this.

“No money can make that right, can it?”

You’re welcome.

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I Heart America: Yosemite Edition

Hi friends,

I’m sorry, did something happen in the newspapers today? I didn’t notice. I was too busy thinking about my recent trip to Yosemite.

Was that too internet-deadpan for you?

Try this (I hiked there this weekend, instead of blogging):

Remember how I said I’d refrain from writing EVEN ABOUT DEMOCRACY till the health care decision rained down from the high courts?

Well, baby, let it rain.

I’m talking about the spirit of democracy. It’s not in our political process, lord knows. But it is in Yosemite.

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Sometimes People Have Both Jobs and Families

Oh boy, the number of blog posts I wrote in my head while I was gone easily exceeded the number of justices who will probably vote to uphold the health insurance mandate tomorrow.

Should I comment on Jim Fallows’ provocative assessment of the Roberts Court? And Ta-Nehisi Coates’ corrective re-contextualization of Fallow’s observations from the perspective of our racial history? And the continuing discussions between them?


Because I am not saying anything about the Supreme Court, or health care, or even about democracy until the decision tomorrow. Not even about democracy.

I also read this whole magazine while I was gone. The cover story, about how it can be hard to be a mother with a job, inspired some reactions.

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Will Be Thinking For Hire Again Next Wednesday

Friends, I have had to sacrifice today’s blog post on the sacred altar of vacation. I ran out of time today. I’ll be back next Wednesday with the sly analysis that helps you lumber through your workaday drudgery with a little more light in your eyes and a few more overwrought phrases in your heads.

But because I can’t resist one final link before I go:

John Stewart, please get over your problem with the NYC soda ban. Your fixation would seem like sham pandering to the notion of false equivalence, like you’re faking being just as into “individual freedom” as any tea partier, like you’re anxious to prove your show isn’t really liberal, if you didn’t bring it up SO OFTEN.

So here’s someone logically pointing out that the enemies of the soda ban are not fighting for their precious human right to ingest one thousand liquid calories a day. The enemies of the soda ban are the soda & restaurant lobby.

[Soda & restaurant companies] have reason to be concerned. Profit margins on these beverages are enormous–90 percent, as compared to, for example, 10 percent for produce. And profits increase as people buy bigger portions. The additional cost for the soda companies and restaurants to serve larger sizes may be mere cents for a larger cup and the extra liquid. Consumers are willing to pay much more than these few cents. The companies cash in. Consumers lose.

Stewart? Get over it.

Happy first day of summer and see you in a week.

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Be Careful. This Might Blow Your Mind.

I thought that on my triumphant return to Thinker for Hire I’d blog about higher education, and how some people write about it when they really shouldn’t, but that’s how journalism works. Or the disastrous combo of freakonomics and education policy.¬† Or ADHD, about which some people say some science-based but nonetheless specious things.

But then I saw this. And all current affairs blogging went out the window. Along with a few of my cares.

It’s my new musical thrill (will some lovely Thinker for Hire fan buy me the Thao and Mirah album maybe please??). Plus Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Plus a bass as skinny as an 80s tie. The kind of tie maybe you wore while dancing, butt down low low low and then higher and then low again, to the original song.

Boy, you really got me going.

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