Be Careful. This Might Blow Your Mind.

I thought that on my triumphant return to Thinker for Hire I’d blog about higher education, and how some people write about it when they really shouldn’t, but that’s how journalism works. Or the disastrous combo of freakonomics and education policy.  Or ADHD, about which some people say some science-based but nonetheless specious things.

But then I saw this. And all current affairs blogging went out the window. Along with a few of my cares.

It’s my new musical thrill (will some lovely Thinker for Hire fan buy me the Thao and Mirah album maybe please??). Plus Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Plus a bass as skinny as an 80s tie. The kind of tie maybe you wore while dancing, butt down low low low and then higher and then low again, to the original song.

Boy, you really got me going.

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2 thoughts on “Be Careful. This Might Blow Your Mind.

  1. Have you seen Rock of Ages my nostalgic friend?

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hah! I just saw the trailer. Tom Cruise! Looks like a funny counterpoint to Top Gun, for him at least. Did you see it?

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