Will Be Thinking For Hire Again Next Wednesday

Friends, I have had to sacrifice today’s blog post on the sacred altar of vacation. I ran out of time today. I’ll be back next Wednesday with the sly analysis that helps you lumber through your workaday drudgery with a little more light in your eyes and a few more overwrought phrases in your heads.

But because I can’t resist one final link before I go:

John Stewart, please get over your problem with the NYC soda ban. Your fixation would seem like sham pandering to the notion of false equivalence, like you’re faking being just as into “individual freedom” as any tea partier, like you’re anxious to prove your show isn’t really liberal, if you didn’t bring it up SO OFTEN.

So here’s someone logically pointing out that the enemies of the soda ban are not fighting for their precious human right to ingest one thousand liquid calories a day. The enemies of the soda ban are the soda & restaurant lobby.

[Soda & restaurant companies] have reason to be concerned. Profit margins on these beverages are enormous–90 percent, as compared to, for example, 10 percent for produce. And profits increase as people buy bigger portions. The additional cost for the soda companies and restaurants to serve larger sizes may be mere cents for a larger cup and the extra liquid. Consumers are willing to pay much more than these few cents. The companies cash in. Consumers lose.

Stewart? Get over it.

Happy first day of summer and see you in a week.

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