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Listing Explanations for the List of Literary Lists

Did you ever wonder why there are so many lists in contemporary literature?

Yeah, probably not.

But here’s a catalog of some of the more delightful ones anyway, in case you’re list-curious.

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Weekend Rundown Spectacular

Every morning, as I nibble organic whole-wheat brioche outside, under a hand-woven parasol, gentle breezes fluttering my shiny hair, while sipping hand-simmered West African bark (that’s rooibos tea, thank you) at a table whose mosaic surface was designed and executed by a high-needs group, like women in Central America getting microfinanced, or cognitively impaired teens, I think of one thing. And one thing only.

What will I blog about today?

Will it be the surprisingly relevant book review of yet another diatribe against a certain kind of high-stakes parenting found only among the tenuously affluent but with lessons, shockingly, for all of us?

Will it be Romney’s continued refusal to finally enter a Gaffeaholics Anonymous program?

Will it be the sad story of a writer who got to plug his book, full of fabricated quotations of BOB DYLAN and who knows who else, on the freakin’ Daily Show?

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Getting Realistic about Online Ads

Are online media emperors nekkid?

Are our expectations of ad-based revenue models for major digital media companies misplaced?

Derek Thompson says, resoundingly, persuasively, concisely, lord yes.

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CBO’s Estimates of post-SCOTUS Obamacare

Ok, I thought I would stick to the lighthearted DC-on-TV blogging for today. But then on my way out I saw this post at Wonkblog.

The non-partisan spreadsheet warriors at the Congressional Budget Office calculated the effects of the Supreme Court decision that states could opt out of the act’s Medicaid expansion.

Give it to me straight, doc.

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Ms. Poehler Goes to Washington

Is there no end to the greatness of Parks and Recreation?

It is a rhetorical question. There is none.

They filmed an episode in DC with some of your favorite friends: McCain, Boxer, and Snowe.

Meanwhile, though Science has proven that Mondays stink no less than Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, I always feel a little better on days that I know I’ll get to watch this show later.

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Book Review: A Gate at the Stairs

What!? Are there people who don’t love Lorrie Moore?!?!?!

Show them to me! I’ve got a thing or two to tell them.

Thing one: Are you looking for the Great American Novel? The narrative crystallization not just of post-9/11 USA, but of literary history? The novelistic zeitgeist?

Thing two: Do you like good sentences?

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