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Ryan’s Speech Breaks the Media

I have been trying not to get sucked into the media maelstrom spinning with hurricane force around the convention.

Metaphor purposeful, if perhaps a bit disrespectful.

But then I saw this post on the reliably neutral Wonkblog, about Paul Ryan’s convention speech.

Ezra Klein wanted to stay neutral! He really did! But there were just too many lies!

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Mitt’s Taxes

Sorry about the unannounced absence from Bloggington. Some life happened. And I am still trying to catch up.

So this may be a bit outdated, what with the hurricane and the “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers” and the speeches.

But here we go: Please lay off Romney about the taxes. I’m serious.

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Campaign Funding Absurdity

I happened to catch some of this Terry Gross interview with reporter Jane Mayer today in the car.

I wanted to drive to Vegas and get married just so I could finish listening to it.

Jane Mayer Interviews Billionaires So You Don’t Have To

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Mid Week Roundup

Ezra Klein puts his smarty pants on (does he ever take them off?) and breaks down the Ryan and Romney budgets.

What we (don’t) talk about when we talk about Medicare.

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“Post-Truth” Politics and Journalism

Last week I twittered this super-rad article by Garance Frank-Ruta about journalists’ new responsibilities to correct electioneering lies.

Today James Fallows caught up with this piece and contextualized it with other promising events he puts into David Roberts’ rubric of “post-truth politics.”

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Sex and the Single Girl Movies

Did the 60s Ever End?

True confession: I was not alive in the 60s. I know! But I know and love several people who were. And I’m pretty sure they would say that the 60s ended.

They would also probably agree that our culture’s fixation on that era is a product of both boomer narcissism (oy!) and a kind of national Freudian compulsive returning to the point of trauma. Reliving that time in order to understand it, to make peace with it, to stop it from hurting us. Culturally. What?

Except the 60s were ultimately good. They gave us the Civil Rights Movement, which in turn gave use the feminist and gay rights movements. And I am grateful for color-blocking, which I was doing before I knew it was a thing.

So here is an Official Blog Announcement: I am more obsessed with the 60s every year. This blog will feed my obsession. I have many exciting 60s-themed posts planned. None of them will have any paisley. At all. No paisley.

Today’s installment is about this stunning piece on movie interpretations of Helen Gurley Brown’s ambiguously proto-feminist hit Sex and the Single Girl.

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