Arrested Development!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends, I am trying to put on my smarty pants for a blog post about


But I’m just too excited that they are filming the new season to get those pants on.

Just running around in my never-minds like a chicken with Jason Bateman’s head cut off, playing straight man to the slimy grubs. And the squawking.

This is Netflix’s biggest foray into original content, and I declare them the winners. I haven’t heard of anything original from YouTube/Google, or who else, Amazon? wait, no, Hulu, that’s as good as Arrested Development.

These content portals are trying to get some skin in the Hollywood game, and I am skeptical that they’ll get very far. Because, as I read a few months back in an article I can’t find now, the Hollywood model is based on scarce resources but fixed audience attention. The Internet content model is based on infinite talent resources but no central quality filter and scattered audience attention.

Which model do you think would make a better sitcom?

Amy Poehler, you know I will always love you, even if you’re doing comedy in a retirement home and the jokes are about assistive devices and the audience is too strung out on medication to laugh. But while this is rad, it is not the same as the show you made for the Man. The show that makes me happy that TV exists.

So Netflix gets to cheat, piggybacking on Hollywood to get some bona-fide quality into their original content holdings.

YouTube/Google’s content gamble is in producing “channels,” and letting famous folks like Ms. I Wish She Were My Sister Poehler produce their own channels. This just might work, if we can break our episodic TV habit. But there’s so much pleasure in episodic TV. Would a YouTube channel draw us in the same way that the best episodic TV has? Does that matter?

Is scripted, episodic TV really fading away? I strongly suspect otherwise, given the tremendous popularity of the big shows.

And for the lit-heads among you, here’s another delight: Since Netflix is releasing all episodes on the same day, the AD writing team has forgone the linear narrative that sitcoms have employed from the beginning.

That means each episode focuses on a single character’s trajectory. And the season will be all mish-moshed and Hopscotched, narrative sequence-wise.

They can mish-mosh anything they want.

What are you, chicken?

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4 thoughts on “Arrested Development!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I didn’t see the show when it was on TV, but I heard about it constantly as my friends were rabid fans. I can’t say I have had the opportunity to be a “rabid” fan, but I am an enthusiast who saw the shows first and second seasons twice last year when they were featured on Dish Online. After I saw the articles about this resurrection, I saw the third season is now on Dish Online, and I can’t wait to have a marathon. I’ll invite my “rabid Arrested fan” Dish coworker over to watch with me as we see what Easter eggs there are in the “once” final season.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The third season is fantastic. Enjoy!

  3. Matthew says:

    I think that Arrested Development is also particularly suited for Netflix, given its fan base. It wasn’t a good fit for Fox, or for commercial TV in general, as it’s already so fragmented that adding the commercials really disrupted the narrative flow. And the fun! Love that show. Love those chicken dances.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Matthew, you make a really good point about commercials and narrative flow. I haven’t seen it on network TV! I’ve only seen it online! I have found commercials to interrupt the flow of just about any show that I’ve watched–Fringe, Lost, Mad Men. Louie. Maybe that’s another reason that premium cable shows have been so successful–the lack of commercials diluting the narration.

      And perhaps another reason Netflix will beat Hulu in the new era. Not that I want to start paying for all my TV. But I am a fan of paying for media quality–in news, music, TV.

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