Music is a Force of Goodness. Really.

Yesterday, on radio news (why be coy? It was NPR, the station for minivan and minivan-curious road warriors), guests discussed ways that the alleged killer Wade M. Page was egged on by “hatecore” music.

White power hardcore is a powerful tool for recruiting, fundraising, and inculcating the touchy-feely community spirit that helps white power groups feel good about their hate thing. Wade M. Page played such music. He said the army made him racist.

As a child of the 90s whose idea of community spirit was forged in a mosh pit and whose journey to adulthood was signposted by riot grrls and post-punk distorters, I often forget that music can be a tool of hate, not love.

Though I suppose the white supremacists would say they are motivated by love: a love of whiteness.

Which saddens me. Profoundly.

Thank goodness I had the wherewithal to click on the NY Times Style section, where I can usually find some feminist articles. (They hardly ever get printed in the front section, dontchaknow.)

Some riot grrls are on trial in Moscow. They go by the name of Pussy Riot. They may have exercised their free speech rights in the wrong country.

The women are on trial after being arrested in March for performing an anti-Kremlin “punk prayer” inside the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Already imprisoned for five months on charges of hooliganism, the three women were initially facing up to seven years behind bars. (It’s looking, today, like the sentence will be closer to three years.)

Three to seven years of prison for “hooliganism”!!!!!!

So many jokes. So little freedom.

But since it’s the Style section, the article focuses on the ways that their fashion choices inform their political protest. Rather than the other way around.

Such inversion produces absurdities like: “Indeed, the video proves you can always spot a Pussy Rioter in a crowd — kneeling in prayer or being dragged off by police, she’s a flash of moving color, never an individual girl.

Spoof? No. The NY Times Style section.

Sentencing comes down on August 17. You can wear a brightly colored, homemade balaclava in solidarity if you want. Just like Madonna, Kathleen Hannah, and Mike Patton.

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2 thoughts on “Music is a Force of Goodness. Really.

  1. Melissa says:

    The whole thing blows my mind. It was in the STYLE section? How horrifying.

  2. Gene says:

    A riot of pussies sounds like my houselhold cat population. Free speakers unite! I admire these who put their (limited) freedom on the line. I wonder if I’d have the guts, and conclude that I, too am a pussy. I am pussy hear me roar!

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