Mitt’s Taxes

Sorry about the unannounced absence from Bloggington. Some life happened. And I am still trying to catch up.

So this may be a bit outdated, what with the hurricane and the “we’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers” and the speeches.

But here we go: Please lay off Romney about the taxes. I’m serious.

Yeah, I get that it’s not fair that Obama had to release every document relating to his official natural-born citizenship and that Mitt refuses to do what most candidates tend to agree to do.

I get that two thirds of voters in a recent poll—lefty and righty—want him to release them.

I get that recently revealed financial documents tell us fascinating and important facts. Like supposedly now-dissolved Cayman Islands accounts that sheltered his prodigious income from Mr. Taxman.

But what, exactly, did that revelation reveal? That Romney is really, really rich and, as a really, really rich person, engages in the same financial practices that all really, really rich people engage in?

That his income was taxed at a lower rate than ours because it’s mostly interest, rather than wages?

That really, really rich people have the means and knowledge to multiply their wealth in ways that mystify us regular old Jane 6-packs?

That he donates a substantial amount of his wealth to “charity,” e.g. tithing to his church?

That he, like most politicians, espouses policies that he, hypocritically, did not practice in his life?

Yawn. We knew that already. We just didn’t have the details.

If you want him to talk about money, and boy, I wish you would, please agitate for him to talk about how he’s going to pay for his budget proposal.

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