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What I’m Reading Now

Much more reading than writing lately at the home office, which is counterproductive to bloggifying. Here are some highlights. Extended commentary forthcoming. Perhaps.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Melinda Gates Fighting for Women

First off, a little repro-rights humor from SNL to start the blog post off proper.

Getting protection from the people who know my body best: the gentlemen of the Republican Party


Melinda Gates has come out of the closet as a powerful, wealthy (WEALTHY!!!!!!!!) advocate for global access to contraception. It’s now her signature public health priority.

She’s Catholic.

Her religious upbringing taught her to fight for social justice. But social justice for women around the world is antithetical to her religion’s other, more prominent dictates.

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Black People! Old People! Poor People!

To celebrate Friday I’m letting Sarah Silverman take over. In case any of you haven’t seen this yet.

If you watch it at work, be sure to have your headphones on.

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An Education Mini-Festo

I was thinking about my recent post about cultural conflicts within higher ed while I read about the Chicago teachers’ strike and listened to the latest This American Life podcast about education.

I had some thoughts.

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Look at the Whole Tax Rate

Ezra Klein does things with charts that, were I still into hip hop, I’d call dope.

Total Tax Bill by Income

“That’s really what the American tax system looks like: Not 47 percent paying nothing, but everybody paying something, and most Americans paying between 25 percent and 30 percent of their income — which is, by the way, a lot more the 13.9 percent Mitt Romney paid in 2011.

“When politicians try to convince you that half of Americans aren’t really paying taxes, it’s usually because the real data undermines their preferred policies. For instance, you wouldn’t look at these numbers and think tax cuts for the rich need to be a huge priority. And that’s one reason people who want more tax cuts for the rich don’t like to show you these numbers.”

Click on the link to see break downs by federal and state/local taxes as well, showing that the lowest income brackets pay a great deal more in payroll taxes than in federal. And since payroll taxes have an income cap, higher income earners pay proportionally much less. That’s why we need to look at the whole tax bill to understand what’s really going on.

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The Future of Higher Ed is in Virginia

First of all, shana tovah to all my shrewish readers. (Did Mel Brooks say that first? I can’t find it on the google!)

And now, back to non-shrewish matters:

The Grey Lady ran a riveting story about Theresa Sullivan’s dismissal and re-missal as president of the University of Virginia.

I encourage all my higher-ed-curious readers to make time for the whole article. Andrew Rice managed to load all of higher ed’s current woes into this one story, which seems to be a harbinger for our future. A future in which the new higher ed culture wars are between corporate-style administrators and academic-style faculty and students.

Which side will win the future?

Theresa Sullivan is a real person, not a symbol. But still. She’s kind of a symbol.

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