Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Friends, you ever have one of those days where you can pretty much manage to get your socks on?

Well, for a Thinker for Hire, those days can be tricky-dicky. I need more than socks on. I need, you know, a jetpack. And some beneficial nanotechnology. With chocolate sauce on top.

So today’s blog post is a coming attractions type thing.

This week I will discuss this masterful reportage on Obama-era politics and race. Race! It still matters!

I hope to review Dana Spiotta’s Stone Arabia, depending on when I get time to finish it. In the context of the legacies of the 60s. One legacy: punk. Art as protest. The role of the corporation, etc.

I also may or may not discuss convention shenanigans, depending on how ridiculous they are.

I’ll probably find something cool at Wonkblog to mull over.

Also, cookies.

Hope all my lovely readers had a fantastic holiday weekend celebrating labor.


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