Did Something Funny Happen Last Night?

I have heard that people were laughing. At something. Not sure what.

I agree with the righteous smarties who have pointed out that Raddatz should have framed the abortion question as a women’s issue, rather than a religious issue. So sigh of relief that Biden haltingly stumbled upon the tried and true “women and their bodies and their doctors” thing. It’s a cliche, but at least he remembered that unintended pregnancy happens to women. And not Catholic dudes in national office.

And halelujah that he reminded the nation that Catholicism has many social doctrines that often compete with each other. And that the role of our government, one of the best gifts we offer to the world, really and truly, is the strict separation of religious conviction and national policy.

And while we’re at it, here’s an amusing blurb from Amy Davidson about Mitt’s ever-changing views of abortion.

The trick here is that he has been known to change his position, sometimes quite radically. There is a complicated taxonomy here: there are the true flip-flops (a position has truly been abandoned), the flare-flops (a flash that conveys the impression of change, when none is there), and sheer floppiness (the condition in which Romney has no true belief or policy, and so just says anything). The Mittologist must learn to tell them apart.

Indeed. Woe to the hapless Mittologist.

I also observed that NBC now has a “Truth Squad,” staying up late to holster all those facts swinging fast and furious. Fact storms blasting through Kentucky: hide your children! In fact, everyone’s got her own fact checker now. It may be the only industry in the country that’s gaining jobs. I mean, besides the green pork industry.

Clicking away from the glow of Biden’s teeth, the above photo led me back home to Mother Jones, where I read Adam Serwer’s compelling piece about the affirmative action case I blogged heretoforthwith yesterday.

Abigail Fisher, the 22-year-old who says she was denied the education she wanted because she is white, wouldn’t have gotten in anyway—her grades and scores weren’t good enough, at least according to UT. Fisher graduated from Louisiana State University earlier this year, but she still wants her UT application fee back because, her attorney argued, her rights were violated by a process that saw her as a racial category rather than a human being. Fisher’s tale doesn’t exactly have the gravity of Linda Brown walking a mile out of her way to attend school because the state of Kansas saw black people as racially inferior to white people, but for some critics of affirmative action it’s almost the same thing. After all, half of white people in the United States see racism against whites as just as much of a problem as racism against minorities.

“[T]hat’s what we’re seeking in this case, Mr. Chief Justice—a level playing field for Abby Fisher,” said Fisher’s attorney Bruce W. Rein, who called affirmative action “an abominable kind of sorting out.”

White people face so much discrimination in this society, folks. We need to roll back decades of legal precedent to give them a level playing field.

I’ll be out of blogulation range for a few days early next week. I need to work on finding ways that Latino and black people have deprived me of opportunities. And the ways that queer people have damaged my marriage. And demand blessed retribution from each and every one of them. Preferably in the form of either a constitutional amendment or regressive tax or social welfare policy.

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