Can I Forever Boycott Chris Hitchens for One Article?

Yes I can. I am not even linking to it. If you are reading this, you probably know which article I mean. Cancer doesn’t make it OK to say jerkface jerkhead jerkyjerkbombenstein stupid crud that doesn’t make any sense, even if you’re whacked out on wacky tabaccy for your cancer.

I want this book. (Except I’m not sure about that Elayne Boosler clip. Yoinks.)

And I will always love this song. Always and forever. After even Palin retires from the media and rap completes its transformation into the muzak of the post-apocalypse (will the two events be connected?), I will be loving this moment when Amy Poehler made history.

“Cuz I’m an animal! And I’m bigger than yoooooouuuuuuuu!”


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8 thoughts on “Can I Forever Boycott Chris Hitchens for One Article?

  1. gpicone says:

    What was the article? Now I’m so curious…

    • Elizabeth says:

      A few years ago he published a big article in Vanity Fair about whether or not women are funny. I don’t want to dignify it with a link or counter-argument. Nor am I interested in anything else he has to say, ever! I don’t have to open minded about him! So there!

      • soybomb says:

        Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Are you likewise instituting a permanent boycott of Stanford U., Lebowitz, Ephron, Kipling and Wilde? It may not be an example of his Hitch’s finest writing, but many readers may find his argument, if a little crude at times, an interesting take on gender roles and evolution. Delivered with a heavy dose of feminism.

        Did you read the entire article Thinker For Hire?

      • gpicone says:

        Ok… thanks for getting back to me. Doesn’t sound like something I’d like to read either.

  2. soybomb says:

    Please post a link to the article you found boycott worthy (I searched unsuccessfully). It might spark a thought provoking discussion.

    P.s. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    P.s.s. RIP Hitch

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey soybomb! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!

      There’s a link to the Hitch article embedded in the Atlantic article in my post (“this book”). I’m surprised you couldn’t Google it!

      While I would LOVE a rich comments discussion on this or any post, I will not encourage “Are women funny?” as a debate topic. Not up for debate. Not a legitimate question.

      As for my Hitch baby/bathwater fightin’ words, let me offer some context.

      Feminists—by which I mean people who look at the world using feminism as a tool to better understand structures of power—are forever compromising.

      I really like rap music (or rock music or like 90% of the American music canon), but women are mostly props, fantasies, or evil villains.

      I really want to read (big important novel by hot name dude) but, um, women tend to be nothing but props, fantasies, or evil villains.

      I really want to watch (almost any TV show or film) but, women? They’re props, fantasies, shells.

      I really want to vote for that politician, but his policies on women fall so, so short!

      You get my drift. I’m still listening to the new Jack White record, even the overtly misogynist song (“Freedom at 21”), which I mostly listen to to check if it’s as overtly misogynist as I remember. And it always is.

      But I’m trying to cut down on the frequency of these compromises in my life.

      A mind that would write a long essay meditating on this particular sham question is not a mind I care to engage on any other issue of import to women, including war, politics, and religion. It’s my own intellectual choice, and I’ll stand by it.

      I know that plenty of smart people really value Hitch’s essays. Great! I’m just not one of those people. And I don’t need to be. Because there are too many really smart people, people who don’t demand this kind of compromise, for me to get around to reading anyway.

      Obviously, this is my own choice for myself. Feel free to read whatever floats your yacht!

      And, in case you were wondering, plenty of male writers, musicians and filmmakers pass my personal smell test.

      Thanks again, and I hope to see you round here again!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Good afternoon again, soybomb!

      I did read the entire article. I read it at the time, and I re-read it this morning on your suggestion. Just a few points: he offered about 900 times more space to RUDYARD KIPLING than to actual contemporary, living women comics. In an article about actual contemporary, living funny women. The entire piece, top-to-bottom, is nothing but outdated, boring gender stereotyping. It was, in fact, worse than I remembered it to be.

      It’s convenient, I suppose, to forget to consult funny women in an article claiming that women aren’t funny.

      If you want to ask why men want women to think they’re funny and women want to think men are funny, you don’t consult Rudyard Kipling. Nor do you consult evolutionary psychology. You consult decades of scholarly analysis of gender norms. Which Hitchens didn’t think to do, apparently.

  3. Howard Uliss says:

    I really don’t know a lot about Chris Hitchens but I remember thinking he was a smart guy who was too cocky and I didn’t like him.

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