When Politicians Make Humor Jokes

The New York Times thought that Obama and Romney gave “equally skillful performances” at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner, an annual jousting match memorializing the first Roman Catholic presidential candidate.

I did not.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

TfH believes quite deeply that comics—good ones, TfH-approved ones, duh—are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.

Technically, sure, the brosephs performed with comparable skill. But what about the humor jokes?


Waiter, there’s a president in my soup!




Obama joked largely on himself: his first debate performance, his wife’s greater popularity, his middle name.

Romney joked largely on Obama. And though his delivery was surprisingly and pleasantly un-robotic, it just wasn’t very funny.

Obama’s a socialisthahahahah! Big debthahahahahah! I’m richhahahahhah! I’ve never had alcohol, unlike you sorry-ass lusheshahahahahhahaah!

Seriously, how many jokes about being rich and sober could Romney fit into 8 minutes? About as many Holocaust and rape jokes as Sarah Silverman can make. But hers are funny.

To be fair, Obama scored a few good lines on Romney’s wealth.

I guess it is pretty funny.

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