Pre-Debate Coin-Flipping

Undecided people don’t care about foreign policy! So the Internet told me.

But the political media cares deeply about generating a self-replicating narrative that legitimates their cultural power and economic support.

And whither the bloviators go, go our votes. It’s like Ruth’s song, if Ruth were a nervously middle-class Ohio mom waiting till Thanksgiving’s over so she can wear her spangled red sweaters that she already took out of their plastic storage box and her mother-in-law is Wolf Blitzer.

Or something.

So read this pretty solid rundown from the Wonkblog morning ketchup. They do more reading before dawn than I do, um, before 9:30 am?

And Goldblog has some diamond-sharp questions for Romney. Disappointingly and surprisingly none for the Big O.

Other people have said stuff, too. Here’s what I think I know:


Both brosephs love Israel more than they love even bagels and Seinfeld. SEINFELD! But neither will say anything that would actually move forward the peace process.

R will try to bust Obama on that Libya thing again, and Obama will demur. But it won’t be as righteous an exchange as last time. So while I’m hoping this doesn’t actually happen, Romney is looking to score some points and is pretty bulldoggish in general, Romnesia notwithstanding.

No one will give credit to the hero who thought up Romnesia.

I know it’s supposed to be a “foreign policy debate,” but I wish that Obama, or someoneanyoneplease, would inform the voting public that gas prices are set by the world oil market. Gas isn’t like your tomatoes: cheaper and better the closer they are grown to your domicile.

Drones. Conundrum: Romney could bash Obama from the left on this, quite legitimately. But then how would that play on the right? Do rightward voters care more about ideology or winning? More about hawkishness or Machiavellian campaigning?

And finally, how will they use this debate to woo the ladies? Maybe that’ll be my drinking game tonight.

Surprise me, boys.

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