Essential Post-Election Viewing

Are you wondering about the possible en-bluement of our country? It’s perhaps an enpurplement.

Seriously. Take 3 minutes and check out these modified electoral maps.


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3 thoughts on “Essential Post-Election Viewing

  1. Fun explanation and visuals. Curious about your thoughts on the electoral college and its relevance in politics today. I was explaining it to my daughter and she kept getting frustrated, saying “I don’t understand’! So I’d try again. Finally, I realized it wasn’t my explanation, it was the whole concept that she thought didn’t make any sense!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hah! I agree. Well, the point originally was to create a system in which sparsely populated places would get equal importance. A kind of geographic affirmative action. Yeah, I said it. That doesn’t make much sense now, given the ways that information technology equalizes culture, as well as the ways that we are no longer apportioning congressional representation based on, for example, slaves being 3/5 of a person.

      This may interest you!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Also, it makes next to no sense that a 78K+ win in Florida adds up to a whopping 29 electoral votes. Your daughter’s right!

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