Which is also the title of an astonishing book from the 80s, from Marilynne Robinson before she became the spokesperson of the new literary leftward Christianity. Of which is she the only member?

So I got a temp day job type thingydo that prevents me from my preferred daily post schedule. But I also have put significant blogergy this  into a comments exchange with a Catholic priest about my recent abortion rights post. Check it out and feel free to contribute!

Upcoming posts: a review of Zadie Smith’s NW, a review of like every recent New Yorker article, but especially recent ones about the Hispanic GOP in Texas (still can’t get used to that, I’m a CA gal who is used to “Latino”), Jill Lepore on the history of taxation in the US (teaser: slavery is the origin of much of our tax tension), and this cookbook, which I am reading cover-to-cover.

Now, I’m used to reading cookbooks as if they are hot and heavy novels. (How can she possibly put those ingredients together and expect them not to kill each other?! What’s going to happen to that poor flank steak once it goes into such a hot, hot oven?)

But this one, boy. What a pleasure.

I also get more hits/likes/follows when I write about food. Which is funny, since this is obviously nowhere near a food blog.

I’ll spend the next two weeks wondering: should I stay traditional, or go for the Smitten Kitchen latke recipe, when Hannukah comes? You know, adding flour? Her cookbook version also uses baking powder. Say what?

What’s gonna happen?!? I can’t wait to find out!!

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