Seriously? Shut Up!

You guys, I was planning a long, thoughtful inaugural 2013 post with wit, verve, and teeth-cracking brainpower. But then I saw this headline.

Does makeup hurt self-esteem or help it?

Seriously? Shut up!

Gender norms define our lives, and we all internalize them, and we make the best choices we can within them. Like, yeah, make-up gets women more status in service and professional jobs.

Turning an economic/political issue into the watery “self-esteem” tripe (watery tripe? in 2013, I can mix whatever metaphor I want, thanks, plus maybe tripe is better when watery…) makes me stupider.

“Self-esteem” isn’t the problem for girls and women. Patriarchy is the problem. A pervasive, structural lack of economic, political, and social opportunity.

Working towards women’s equality by fretting about make-up is like planning a space program using Legos. Worse. It furthers the whole “cat-fight” bollocks by implying that women’s opportunity is measured in relation to other women’s appearance. Corrosive. And intellectually spurious.

Bah. Between this and the fiscal curb compromise, and whatever else I see when I surf-crastinate, 2013 isn’t off to a good start.

Update: I misguidedly surf-crastinated more and read the thing. To see if my hasty judgement of the headlines was too hasty. It was not. The content was even stupider than I expected. Sigh. 2013 better be better than this.

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