A grab bag of detritus from this week, with more extended thoughts below.


Clinton’s testimony inspired some fabulous giffing.


Mike Doughty uses his KNOWLEDGE of SINGING to ‘splain how Beyoncé was not lip-syncing and could you please lay off her already because she’s “a samurai.”


New Coen Bros flic, with Dylan soundtrack hilariously replacing the protagonist’s singing in the trailer.


No filibuster reform? Whatevs, Reid.


Lots of coverage on the GOP’s plan to make conservative votes count more than democrat ones, essentially eliminating any illusion of democracy we may have maintained.

Even more frightening!

Before Roe v Wade, the #1 cause of death among women, say, 13-40 years old (childbearing age) was complications from abortion.

Since Roe (which celebrated its 40th birthday this week), complications from abortion are not even in the top 100.

Look, I don’t even care what you think about the ontological status of a fetus, embryo, or blastocyst. As I blogged before, once you try to argue with me about when life begins, all I will think about is how humans depend on microbes to survive. We have no biological autonomy. And that’s not even the point here: Women are going to have abortions. They have suffered for them. GOP policies are forcing ridiculous hardships on women who will get the transvag wanding and listen to the manipulative, fake science lies and drive the several hours and wait the however many days.

Women will put up with all your attempts to humiliate, degrade, infantalize, and inconvenience them. Because they know what terminating a pregnancy means, and they’ll still want to do it. And they will do it.

So do you want them to die from it? From this thing they’ll do anyway?


I’ve been thrashing through some sleeplessness lately, perhaps in part because of too much Elliot Smith and Far From the Tree on the same day. Which I will review when I finish, but the book is a brick house, mighty mighty, and it takes some time.

But do you know who’s extremely vulnerable to rape?

Besides women?

Disabled children, especially those with communication problems. Because they won’t talk about it, their rapists think.

So between all these stories of of deaf kids and autistic kids getting raped, and wondering if now that men soldiers have to stop spewing sexist garbage in combat scenarios because women will hear them maybe military sexual assault will go down, and listening to Elliot Smith getting kicked in the head, I’ve been getting sad about power.

Why does a man rape an autistic kid? Because he wants to have power, and a world of circumstance deprives him of feeling empowered. And he thinks he can get away with it. I know some therapist readers who probably have more complete answers than that (yes, that means you: please comment!). But I understand the world largely in terms of the myriad gradations of economic and social opportunity.

That man stomps on someone with less than him so he can stop feeling so stomped on. Or something?

To be honest, I have no earthly idea why abuse happens. I have spent a significant chunk of energy, over many years, trying to figure it out. And I can’t.

But I suspect that if we had more social and economic justice in general—more widespread access to quality health care and job opportunities, fairer wages, less disparity between high and low earners, more respect for women and children generally, for people with disabilities, for people of marginalized ethnicities, for all of us—there may be less impulse to sexually and physically assault the vulnerable among us. Because we’d be less vulnerable.

Not that socialist utopia would eliminate rape and domestic violence. That shit crosses class.

But I believe that if women and children were not so disenfranchised, (along with disabled and queer people, o’course), perhaps they would not get clobbered and raped so much.

I don’t know. Can that be true?

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