You Think You Love Tina Fey? Prove It.

There I was, minding my own bidness at the local indie, shopping for this book like a good little reader, when I saw this. In book form. On display in the endcap.

A romance novel on display at the local indie? Say what? A cross-marketing promotional movie product? About a women’s true self found in motherhood?

So what was I supposed to do?

Pass it by and move on with my highfalutin short stories?

Or pick it up, along with Russell, and proceed to ignore my loved ones, my responsibilities, and basic hygiene till I finished it?

How can I truly appreciate the latest Fey film without a deep understanding of the source material?

PS. The title story of the Russell book broke my heart. It’s gorgeous. And it recalled my favorite Italo Calvino stories in fantasy, lyricism, and melancholy. I loved it. Proper review soon.

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2 thoughts on “You Think You Love Tina Fey? Prove It.

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