Exploitative Headline Award: Runner Up

Are Female Politicians Really Good for Women?

Ugh ugh ugh ugh. UGH.

Usually I enjoy Irin Carmon’s writing. And usually the garish design is the only thing that really bugs me about Salon.

But hassenfrassenbuttercrap, Salon. That’s the kind of question that I’d expect from Peggy Noonan. And it’s a stupid question. 

The question that matters: How can we make sure that our political leadership adequately represents our citizenry?

Which means: How can we come close to gender parity in our political system? And racial parity? And, gasp, sexual orientation parity????

Leaders—political, corporate, whatever—from disenfranchised groups have to work twice as hard. We expect them to represent both their own identity groups and the rest of us. And so we judge them extra, according to a multitude of conflicting standards. But is this BAD FOR WOMEN? Is Barack Obama BAD FOR BLACK PEOPLE?


That’s all that’s going on with whatever inside baseball politics mishugas that Carmon’s reporting on re: Christine Quinn, out lesbian mayoral candidate in NYC, who has consulted with Gloria Steinem and entertained a variety of advices about the political wisdom of advocating for paid sick leave.


On the other hand, my desire to blog about the horrible headline is the only reason I read the article.

Exploitative headlines get page views. It’s a clickenclack media world.


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