Good News for Women

And everyone who cares about eliminating unwanted pregnancies.

Plan B is now available over the counter, no matter how old a womanly customer is!!!!!! So, you know, a 15 year-old who made a mistake or whose condom broke or who was raped or whatever—really, I don’t care why she needs it—can get what she needs without finding a doctor to get her a prescription within the 36 hours of potential conception.

In related news, I came across this fantastic infographic on how to teach kids body safety and sexual safety. Send it to all your friends!


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One thought on “Good News for Women

  1. hollycswift says:

    So I’d love to know why regular birth control isn’t available without a prescription since it seems it would be less risky to your body than pumping it full of chemicals all at once. It does seem to me that it is kind of held hostage by your doctor. Incidentally, I have no insurance and the generic, over the counter price I pay is $7.50 a month, which is usually cheaper than an insurance co-pay. I know that not everyone wants to be on the same pill and this doesn’t mean that if you need a more expensive pill you shouldn’t get it, but in all the coverage about birth control no one seems to mention that it’s available really cheap and if you could get it over the counter everyone could afford it.

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