Good for You, Katie Roiphe

Guess what! I still don’t like anything Katie Roiphe says!

She thought that Rebecca Shuman’s hilarious “jeremiad” against humanities doctorates was misguided. That getting a lit PhD is awesome for one’s ability to intellectually commit. And that it’s cool to get paid to read and think.

Apparently when you get your lit PhD from Princeton, the sky’s the limit on what you can do with it: become Katie Roiphe, become a law professor, become an English professor, or become a NY Times reporter. Those are the four ACTUAL JOBS that ACTUAL PRINCETON PHDs in HER COHORT now have!

Glad that worked out for you, Roiphe. Now cluck off.

Now, to be fair, I did enjoy getting paid to read, write, think, and drink during my late 20s. I definitely enjoyed the awesome union-won health benefits for 8 years.

I did not enjoy being part of the 70%+ of people who don’t get the job that we spent 10 years training for. I did not enjoy starting over professionally, completely from scratch, living off government support, in my mid-30s.

If only I coulda just BEEN KATIE ROIPHE. That would have made it all worth it.

No one should write about humanities PhDs without knowing some f-ing facts about the academic labor market. Ever.

Honestly, I’m glad that Roiphe’s PhD has made her a better writer (though, frankly, I’d never have noticed.) (So maybe I’m not glad.) But mine maybe did too? Still, that doesn’t give her license to perpetuate the bougie-ass fantasy that a humanities PhD is anything other than expensive  job training for a job that doesn’t exist.

Ok, I think I need to watch some penguin babies taking a bath, or something, to calm down. Girlfriend just enrages me.

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5 thoughts on “Good for You, Katie Roiphe

  1. You could write about anything and it’d make me smile while thinking harder. BTW, was it the “PhD” or “Princeton” part that opened those doors?

  2. stacylavin says:

    I love your consecutive parentheticals, Hey, where was I when they were paying folks to drink? THAT was what that money was for??

  3. stacylavin says:

    Oops. Comma typo.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Stacy! You mean you didn’t take all your leftover stipend & fellowship money to the bar? for “grading”?!? What were you DOING in grad school?

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