What!?! The Farm Bill?!?

Mark Bittman, whose recipes frequently inspire me to bow out of life and cook all day, except that cooking is part of life, so it’s a pleasantly contradictory fantasy, hit it out of the pantry with a scorching op ed about the Farm Bill.

Farm Bill?

Yes, the Farm Bill.

Which outlines a megamart of food-related policy. And sets the budget. Pitting the SNAP program (food stamps) against CROP INSURANCE.

Which means, as you know, that if farmers get hit by weather (which they will because climate change) then the federal gummint will subsidize the insurance that pays them out anyway.

And every cent that subsidizes millionaire farmers’ crop insurance is taken away from hungry children for whom even their parents’ jobs won’t cover groceries. (41% of SNAP recipients have jobs.)

And, I don’t want to make assumptions, but Congresspeople may not know what it’s like to look for work and not be able to find it. It seems that when they lose their jobs, they can walk straight into a lobbying firm and rocket to the 1%. If they weren’t already there to begin with.

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