Sometimes Women Have Jobs and Children Part 2

Some joker wrote a silly piece on how having just one child enabled the writerly success of some important women writers. Like Joan Didion.

It’s too silly even to take seriously. But people do. As they do any ol’ think piece giving off the subtlest whiff of “Mommy Wars” (perish the phrase, seriously, it makes me want to fling feces at my cage).

But Rebecca Mead took it seriously, as did prominent women writers with more than one child.

The only thing to say about it, really:  “The key—nothing so occult as a secret—to their ability to marry motherhood and writing has been adequate child care, which remains the desideratum of every working mother, whether she’s a writer or something else.

Also, no one’s counting up the number of children dude writers have.

Also, please shut up about women and the choices they make for their uteruses. Just shut up. Stop it.

I don’t want to see a single article ever again, ever, about women’s choices about when and how to load up their uteruses with whatever they want to load them up with. Whether or not they have jobs while making whatever choice they want to make about their uteruses and the loading therein.

Unless it’s an article about how the Supreme Court and every single legislature in our country acknowledges that what a woman chooses to do, or not, with her uterus is her own damn business and no one else’s.

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes Women Have Jobs and Children Part 2

  1. Melissa says:

    Hear, hear! Absolutely! Amen!

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