Call Wes Anderson! (#MadMen)

Every time Sally and Glen show up in the same frame, it gets a little Rushmore in the joint.

Teenage posturing is timeless, but dressing it in late 60s garb? That s*@$t should be trademarked.

Mad Men is starting to feel voyeuristic. More voyeuristic than TV and movies in general? YES.

From Don in the fetal position not once but twice to Sally’s Mona Lisa smile when she realizes what at some point her mother realized: the passive power of female sexuality.

We are seeing things that people should not be seeing. Secret moments for these characters.

Meanwhile, this post helped me understand why Bob Benson outed himself to Pete. Still applies, post-second-Bob-reveal. And reminded me that, though Pete is the mayor of Schmuckington, (with Don the city council chair) (or maybe vice versa losing track of my local gummint metaphor…), there are a few good things to say about Pete.


He is hep with his fashion style. And he is hep with his ability to notice what many didn’t: that sometimes a knee touch is not just a knee touch.

One quibble I have with Tom and Lorenzo: Would Matt Weiner be as up on the psychology of the pre-Stonewall gay man as Tom and Lorenzo? It strains credibility. But you know, it’s TV.

The big, screaming question for avid TfH readers: Will Elizabeth stop kvetching about Don being boring?

Yes, I will. This bottom (the hitting rock of) seems much lower than the between-marriages, paying-sex-workers-to-slap-him bottom. I’m genuinely interested in what will happen in the season finale, in the moral resolution of Don’s daughter finally holding that mirror up to Don.

And how I loved Sally’s playing the teens. All of them. She played the women like Don (quick, effective leap over the hurdle of rich mean girl intimidation) and the men like Betty–that little smile when Glen attacked the sublimely schmuck-in-training ROLO. A perfect blend of her parents.

Critics have been saying for years that Sally is the center of the show, and this episode made me believe it.

I’m holding off on complex analysis till we see the sucker close out for the season.


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