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In Which I Seek Refuge in a Cave and Grieve for Our Species

I take back what I said before, about how what Weiner wants to do on his text machine is up to him and his spouse. And if she’s cool with it, whatever, let’s move on because people like their little kicks and it all seems consensual, if boneheaded for a public figure, etc. etc.

I take that back because “slutbag”?? A former Weiner intern made some almost hilarious except also offensive claims about the Weiner campaign, and this is how his communications director responds? And she claims she was off the record (which, as savvy media consumers know, is idiotic for any major communications director of anything to assume about any conversation with any reporter ever. And also the reporter notes that she never made an “off the record” claim at the time, which to me is moot because:)

Barbara Morgan, apparently, thinks in those terms when disagreeing with another woman. Also, extra points to her for shockingly extreme inarticulateness.

So here’s the thing about slurs.

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I’ve Met Clinton, and You, Sir, Are No Clinton

*I have not met Bill Clinton.

Oh, Carlos. Carlos Danger.

If you and your wife agree on this, I don’t give a purple swollen tick about whatever, however, or whomever you text. Or when you texted it. And Maybe Huma doesn’t give a purple swollen tick either. In which case we shouldn’t give a purple swollen tick.

Lena, I see your point, but consensual sexting is nowhere near “consensual” oral sex with an intern. I’m pretty sure that most regular ol’ straight people experience gender/power dynamics in regular ol’ straight sex. How is mobile phone sex any different?

Why, you wanna send yer big, manly selfies to li’l old me? Li’l old me?


Rachel, I see your point too. But I find a hard time believing that a lie about one’s personal sex life indicates a lying world of lying lyingness on matters of public import. Notwithstanding the ballsiness (ahem) of the extended lie at issue.

Still, Carlos, you text your mother with that thumb?

Carry on.

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Book Reviewlets: The Middlesteins

Boy, fat people sure are sad. And emotionally crippled. All that food will kill them! Why don’t they stop eating it?!?!

What a missed opportunity to explore some potent contemporary issues about gender, family, consumption, and economics. About the lives of women. And OK, I’ll give you at least this: about addiction.

So much more radical than this book, to have created a fat woman character whose troubles are not, actually, centered on her body size and food habits. So much more radical than maybe any book or film about fat people except for one House episode, seriously, and even then the staff were all floored that the fat guy died of cancer and not fatness.

Say it with me: OY.

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Feeling Old Never Felt So Good

And then Alyssa Rosenberg helped me feel awesome about how much I love Clueless, which turns 18 today.

And then Jezebel hosted a gif party to celebrate.

Shabbat Shalom, Happy Obama Thoughtful Race Speech, and Have a Great Weekend, friends.

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All the Bookish Ladies (#postac)

Denver has its own Lilly Ledbetter! Introducing Sturm College of Law professor Lucy Marsh.

Marsh has sued the University of Denver for system-wide wage discrimination.

About which I say: ten years in academia taught me that the ivory tower may as well be Rapunzel’s home, for all the gender equity you’d find there.

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Book Reviewlets: The Vanishers

When a Thinker for Hire reads a book and doesn’t blog about it, does she really read it?

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