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Sometimes what I think is funny, others do not find funny. Like last week’s nearly simultaneous profiles of a co-founder of Twitter. Jack Dorsey. He of the moodiness and A-line skirt designs and, apparently, fabricated origin stories of my favorite social media platform.

See, the looser of this profile is the hero of this one.

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Elizabeth Smart is a Badass

Just got done reading this profile (sorry for that paywall! Git yerself some Lexis Nexis, or do the kids use that anymore?) and Yowzabombazza.

Elizabeth Smart endured sexual slavery at the hands of a homeless religious zealot. Deprivation of food, water, and company. For nine months. And then she endured a tempest of media absurdity. And here she is now, composed, sharp, acerbic, and on the right side of all issues that have at least two sides. Related to her experience.

She’s like “‘Stockholm Syndrome'” deprives survivors of the ability to interpret their own story” and “I’m here to discuss the human trafficking bill, not my past” and “my particular abstinence-only education taught me that when I was raped, I was worthless and no one should be taught that.”

She understands that it was easier for her to recover because her kidnapper was a stranger, rather than a family member or neighbor, as is statistically far more likely.

She agitates for victims of rape and assault to stop blaming themselves. She quit school to be a full-time advocate for the rights of people who escape slavery and abuse.

And speaking of slavery, it’s pretty damn common. The Walk Free Foundation estimates about 59,000 victims of human trafficking in the US.

Anyway, what an inspiration. Who knows what kind of inner struggle she endured to be such an articulate, committed advocate. I wish her the best.


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There is an Order to the Universe After All

You know how sometimes someone really, really deserves something? And then gets it?


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