On the Sound of Music Remake

Yup. Another pointless remake from studios who realized that they don’t need to pay good writers anymore. Y’all can wind your watches by it–except no one wears watches anymore bc checking the time is another excuse to get sucked into the smartphones.

What about the plot about how a white, blond, wealthy, non-disabled, non-gay, non-Jewish, non-Roma, non-anything-Hitler-disliked family had to flee the Nazis or be killed?

What are they gonna do with that story?

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2 thoughts on “On the Sound of Music Remake

  1. Inder says:

    Yup. You nailed it. Also, what about how the dad is an autocratic, potentially abusive asshole who makes his children march? Anyway, I watched part of it last night and they stuck to the original storyline without offering anything new or interesting. It’s like, if you make the Abbess black, you don’t have to do ANYTHING else to take this story out of the 60s feel-good story about how even some blond Aryans hated the Nazis, and how, once again, a jerk can be “softened” and brought into the light by the right woman, who by the way, represents ideal femininity – nurturing, playful, illogical, fun, religious, trusting, chaste, and docile.


    • Elizabeth says:

      Hah! You’re right! Of course I didn’t see the new one, so I don’t know how they handled that. But you’re right.

      Also, I read this thing on Tablet about how the SoM may be the best way to introduce kids to the Holocaust. Because it goes down with a spoonful of sugar. So I guess? I don’t know. I prefer my history straight-up. On the rocks so to speak.

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