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Theology in Skinny Jeans: #SleepyHollow

Thinker for Hire has already established her fondness for preposterous televisual entertainments.

But sometimes even her favorite Catholicish goth comedy fantasy time travel historical procedural misses the mark.

Because in Sleepy Hollow, the ultimate Evil, the Evil that threatens everything cozy and light, is sad white boys with hurty feelingz.

Ichabod Wants an iPhone and So Do I

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A Quick Word on Passion, Post-Academics, and Rage

Happy New Year!

1. I heard on NPR this morning a story about a gay dude dishonorably discharged from the Marines in 1956. He’s dying of cancer. And his dying wish was to get his status changed to “honorable.” Because Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed hallelujah.

This process usually takes up to 6 months. Hal didn’t have 6 months. So the marines gave him his new papers in 2 weeks.

Sometimes there is good news.

2. More selfishly. About me, and my essay in the new e-book Moving On: Essays on the Aftermath of Leaving Academia.

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