On Real America

Please read this ode to our beautiful, difficult country, whose Riverside County, California, is as vibrantly American as genetic research, fried chicken-donut sandwiches, and the Civil Rights Movement.

An election year–this particular election year–may not be the most opportune time to meditate on the fictive nature of the “state” and its “borders.” But for reals, guys: Walled or even well-patrolled American borders, like our citizenry lined up in socks for machine scanning of our full persons by low-wage workers with full authority to confiscate our hummus, don’t actually make us more secure. Don’t actually preserve our rights. Don’t actually make America great.

State borders are a fiction. We pay for a massive security apparatus enforcing them anyway. We give up to it our money, our freedoms, our lives. Our hummus. And, quite possibly, if Trump keeps pumping up this wall feverdream, the executive branch of our government.


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