Find the Ideology

Donald Duck continues to say whatever works for whoever’s in the room with him–from the Nazis who love him to the Jewish journos in the NY Times conference room.

He recently called take-backsies on some of his rally blockbusters, calling HRC a decent person who’s maybe been through enough already without ongoing baseless political prosecution. Conceding that global agreements to mitigate climate change may warrant “an open mind.” Acknowledging that maybe torture isn’t such a good idea–for terrorists at least. Not sure if he still wants to lynch those journalists he tried so hard to please yesterday.

The only commitment he has not wiffle-waffled on in the past week is his commitment to self-enrichment through monetizing the Trump brand. He asserts that conflicts of interest don’t exist for presidents. He advocates for his children to simultaneously take over his business and serve informally in state roles. He anticipates the opportunity to stack the nation’s courts with pro-business, anti-worker judges.

The irony of a so-called people’s champion who shits in a gold-encrusted bathroom that we paid for has been too much to bear these past two weeks.

His actions as president-elect have crystalized his apparent goal of pure self-aggrandizement. He was suckled on a eugenic nationalist interpretation of Protestant capitalism and will govern accordingly.

People voted for a bully because they thought a bully might help them. But bullies only ever help themselves and their tight pack of fellow thugs.

We were supposed to have learned this in the schoolyard already. Long before voting age.

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