The only way to prevent chaos is to create better chaos

He’s already setting explosive charges around the structures holding up our country, anticipating their imminent collapse.

I’m not saying he plans to destroy every single institution that together have made our country a beacon of freedom (a beacon wobbling on its foundation of slavery, theft  and continued perpetuation of inequality, but a beacon in a blighted world nonetheless).

I’m saying that if he wanted to destroy our democratic institutions, this is exactly how he’d do it: nominate known enemies of government to head the agencies they most hate; appoint billionaires, abusers and exploiters to manage systems designed to protect our most vulnerable; refuse the legitimacy and relevance of empirical facts–including those gathered by our intelligence officers, not to mention those required to prevent our grandchildrens’ necessary future evacuation from U.S. cities too hot to sustain human life; plant surrogates that openly question the benefit of a free press; proudly praise autocrats for killing their political enemies.

And whither the Democrats?

Obama seems committed to preserving an illusion of stability to prevent a collapse of global markets. Dude: They’re gonna collapse anyway.

Obama seems to have misunderestimated the power of white supremacy.

He and Clinton tried so hard to create and sustain a national culture of inclusive generosity. They failed.

Since the Civil Rights Movement crystalized the GOP’s oppositional investments in a regressive social order, Republicans have benefited from a clear set of governing principles and a national grasstops infrastructure faithful to consistent talking points filtered down from think tanks. They threw everything they had at the Supreme Court to get W appointed in 2000. Then 9/11 and endless war. They built unlikely coalitions to gain power: e.g. evangelicals voted party line despite their unique political investments because the GOP created just for them! an anti-abortion policy priority.

Democrats’ conflicted commitment to inclusiveness, as well as their internal conflicts about the role of corporate power, have prevented the coalition-building, driven by clear principles and unified national culture of party identification, required to beat this monster. We don’t have anything snappy like “personal responsibility” to magnetize people.

So here we are, facing an unprecedented existential threat with no cohesive oppositional leadership throwing every fucking possible idea in every fucking possible direction to prevent national catastrophe.

I’m starting to believe that the only way to preserve our institutions is to destroy one of the biggest of them. Electors need to make mayhem on Monday. They must refuse to allow this threat to take hold. They will not. But if Hillary Goddamn Clinton and Barack Goddamn Obama would tell them to? Make a plan? Implement it? Mobilize their supporters? Do fucking politics? Maybe they could?

So after Monday, the only hope will be that he’ll get impeached and swiftly booted out for unconstitutional conflicts of interest, which perhaps the GOP Congress will be willing to do in order to get Mike Pence, the effectively bland-looking embodiment of their most extremist dreams of extremism. The guy who caused an HIV epidemic in Indiana by shutting down clinics. What would this even look like? Would Congress delay confirmation hearings long enough to give Pence a chance to re-appoint different billionaire exploiters to run our government? But would it even happen, if, as John Cassidy proposes, Trump struck a deal with Paul Ryan to implement extremist GOP plans in exchange for the party’s support?

Amanda Petrusich wrote about music now, “I can’t think of another moment when I’ve felt quite as much trepidation or uncertainty about the future, and I was instantaneously beholden to any artist able to reflect the white-hot anxiety of that blank horizon.”

I am also beholden to any artist that can repudiate ugliness by embracing the salvific transformations of beauty, easing our white-hot anxiety. Filling that blank horizon with color, light and sound.

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