That kvetching from yesterday? About how the left hasn’t organized around coherent, nationally consistent, grassroots/grasstops principles propelling legislative change? And that’s one reason why no one is stepping in now with a last-minute plan to stop the trumpocalypse? And that’s probably why we couldn’t get that sliver of folks in a handful of states to vote for a brand they could be proud of? And that’s why we have gerrymandered GOP-dominant districts optimizing/reinforcing segregation? Because the right is simply better organized than us?

Some anonymous Congressional staffers wrote a guide to how progressives should exploit Tea Party tactics

Highlights: Hold our local elected reps accountable for stopping the racist, sexist, destructive trumpgenda. Do this by hitting their PR, which they care about most. Hit their PR by showing up in person, looking filmable, with clear, concise demands for their on-the-record commitments. Invite the press. Model the diversity we support. Hand out talking points. We can’t let them win. Love trumps hate.

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