Too Many Know-Nothings

I keep meaning to polish a piece on the many potential, disastrous TrumpCares, but the health care news changes too fast for a day-gigging TfH to keep up! Today, though, a li’l gem came through the nethole quick enough for a brief day gig break:

DT has appointed a White House health care adviser that believes that birth control constitutes medical malpractice.

The only technology besides the printing press that singlehandedly enacted massive social change. The technology that let women work outside the home. Effect self-determination. Find meaning in an identity that is not exclusively maternal. Experience pleasure without consequence (obvies that’s the god squad’s actual problem with repro health).

Our economy relies on the pill because we need two incomes to even barely try to stay afloat.

Plus also BIRTH CONTROL PREVENTS CONCEPTION, WHICH IN TURN PREVENTS ABORTION. If you want to end abortion, give everyone a LARC. Unless abortion-hate itself masks the real belief: that women shouldn’t have sex. Which is the only way I can understand any of this.

Our future White House health policy maven claims that hormonal birth control is a Big Pharma conspiracy to keep us from the fucking awesome scientific truth of the rhythm method. And from deeply communing with the spirits of our ovarian cysts. She also claims birth control keeps men sticking it in wherever without having to pay child support after. Pretty sure men didn’t need a Big Pharma conspiracy for that, but OK? Smells like solid historical analysis, dude? Cuz technically, yes, marriage rates have plummeted and divorce rates have risen since the pill. If you’re the sort of person that thinks these are harmful social trends then sure, the pill made it less likely that women would need marriage to exist in the world.

Lefties frequently decry the racist right co-opting academic language of anti-racism. They’re right! It happens, and it’s preposterous! Discussing the existence of structural racism is racist! Not anti-racist! I’m not the puppet! No puppet! You’re the puppet!

I don’t see as many discussions of other lefty habits of thought co-opted by anti-science, anti-woman, anti-queer, anti-life righties. Our beautiful, rich anti-capitalist intellectual traditions in economics, history, literary theory, political science and science, medicine and tech studies–like Thomas Szasz’s critique of psychiatry, for example–perverted into a claim that the REAL problems with Big Pharma are birth control and vaccines.

The person who, when Trump needs some info and Ivanka is in the bathroom, he’ll ask hey, what’s value-based payments? This is the person who will answer his health care questions.

I could spend every moment fretting about the know-nothings who will be given frightening, heavy global power in a few days. This chick is like 27th important in the herd of low-information, high-confidence hatemongers who will ruin millions of vulnerable lives and who have turned me, of all people, into a jingoist tearing up at the thought of a free nation that will no longer be a beacon for the oppressed and will instead become a puppet Soviet regime.

Nostalgia for our lost free country?  I’m becoming my mother, and it’s all because of fruckingtrump. (Smoochies, Mom!)


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