The Senate version of the AHCA has some stupid-ass name I refuse to engage. I will, however, engage with any so-and-so who dares come at me with any argument about anything good about this bill. No one likes it. Except the people that pay GOPpers to destroy our civil society. 

Endgame: Multinational corporate feudalism. Sham democracy. White supremacy.

Maybe I’m getting a tad hysterical: by which I mean my uterus fucking rejects everything about this legislation. So I joined a genius action yesterday. Hundreds of people across Colorado took 15 minute shifts to hand-deliver pro-ACA letters to (R) Senator Gardner’s regional offices and politely chat with his staff. He helped write this shit.


I spent some time talking at the besuited front desk jockey about how taking away care from low income people would raise costs elsewhere in the system: emergency rooms, corrections, special education, mental health, child welfare. I said I work with the ACA daily, cannot understand GOP critiques of the bill, and see nothing but good from Obamacare. I said I’m very scared that this shit will pass. I said ACA repeal is fiscally ridiculous.

He nodded politely and scribbled something on my letter and I huffed back to work, convincing myself that nothing matters. These fuckers will do what they want. No matter how polite, knowledgeable, and goddammm persuasive I am. I know that the comparisons of Trumpocalypse to domestic abuse may be cliche by now, but I invoke that cliche. We can run around on mobius strips trying to please them and the fuckers will still beat us down.

Cruelty is the guiding principle of this government.

I’m going to try to hit up Gardner’s office multiple times. Hashtag lunch break side-gigs. I want to know what that front desk guy thinks after listening to hundreds of people with disabilities describe how the ACA has saved their lives. After watching people cry in his office all day long about the turd legislation his boss wrote. I want to know why he thinks the ACA is so terrible it needs destroying. I want to know what makes him smile about that job.

I want to know what he’ll say to the people with cancer who will die with ACA repeal, when they’re talking directly to him about how his boss’s legislation will kill them.

Well, I know what he’ll say because I heard him say it: Sorry for your experience, ma’am, thank you for your passion, I’ll pass on your comments. I always love talking to Coloradans.

If we give the best arguments, if we appeal to the fucking money, if we appeal to the tribalism of making Colorado the Best State in the Solar System, if we talk about jobs and shit, if everything we say is true and verifiable, and if we say it nicely, and they still vote for this shit, there’s only one conclusion possible: they don’t fucking care.

Rather, they really care about doing exactly what we tell them they are doing. They like the school-to-prison pipeline. They like poor people dying without chemo. They like addicts destroying lives and then rotting in jail. They like children giving up baseball because they have no asthma medication. They like disabled people using up their cap and then losing all their medications and adaptive technologies and in-home care.

We know they like that because we saw them haul disabled people out of their offices by their arms and legs like fucking corpses. We know they like that because they dropped one of these people on the floor, someone with disabilities who requires a wheelchair, someone who is definitely a human being, for exercising the Constitutional motherfucking right to sit in a Senator’s office and let him know dude, this bill will kill us.

This bill you wrote and love and fight for will kill us.

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