Keep Your Heads Up, Friends

1000-1500 kids are about to walk past my office building to the state capitol to demand that government value their lives at least as much as they value guns. I hope they can bring this fight to help kids in Flint have clean fucking water for the first time in years.

Some of the best articles I’ve read recently, all verging on the political:

Triumph of the Beaurocrats! School district administrators efficiently punched Jamie Oliver in the face. Metaphorically. They improved the nutritional quality of school lunches in West Virginia with food that kids actually eat.

More nuance about straight women trying to have sex in a patriarchy. Lili Loofburrow found some legal theory that clarifies our notions of consent. The piece is about why so many white Christian women love the 50 Shades franchise, but I think her use of the notion of a “‘giving self,’ a person who remains psychically and physically intact by giving to others what they want and might otherwise take,” works for lots of normalized domestic scenarios, not just straight romance.

Kaiser Health News is running an ongoing series about the central, essential ways Medicaid stabilizes our society. Please read it and fight to the extent you are able for equitable access to health care.

Teju Cole wrote about blackness, panthers, democracy, and Lagos.

I recently agreed to write a big piece on Ursula LeGuin’s work–all of it, the poems, the kid lit, the essays–for the Gale Scribner American Writers series, for which I’ve already written articles on Alice Munro and Dana Spiotta. I’ll get to spend the next little while living in other worlds. Quelle relief.

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