I am actually a thinker! But for hire only metaphorically.

I’m currently the Child Health Policy Specialist at the agency administering Colorado Medicaid. Opinions expressed herein are my own, especially the political ones, since politics has no place in children’s health policy. I’m particularly excited about health equity; trauma-informed care systems; integrated, whole-child/whole-family supports; and 2Gen/Multi-Gen programs.

I’ve also been employed as a journalist, a market researcher, a bitchin’ communications consultant, and an academic.

As an academic I studied contemporary US fiction and culture, with a dissertation addressing the medicalization of personality. I published and presented essays about autism, OCD, DNA as metaphor, and authors including David Foster Wallace, Dana Spiotta, Alice Munro, and Jonathans Lethem and Franzen. I taught university courses on topics including health care reform, globalization, embodiment in literature, and postmodernism and its legacies.

As a blogger I hope to channel my 10 years of academic literary study into a thoughtful, accessible exploration of contemporary media and culture.

Check me out on LinkedIn for more straightforward resume information, and feel free to connect with me there. Facebook and Twitter are now part of the Thinker for Hire empire (not the other way around!). And you can email me directly at elizabeth.freudenthal at gmail dot com.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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