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Sometiiiiiiiimes I Feeeeeel Like a Motherless Fringe Fan

You guys know that the #1 gift that science fiction gave us is time travel as a way to cheat death, right?

Specifically the death of loved ones?

Despite what certain intergalactic aristocrat survivors of a dead species that controls time may have you to believe about how you can’t use time travel for THAT.

So the Fringe finale knocked that one out, as I suspected it would. Time travel’s the only way to restore dead kids to their superhuman parents. Sure. Check and check.

And I suppose it was too much to ask that the Lost creators would be straight feminist, but really.

Where’d all the women go, JJ Abrams?

Why, they evolved out. Because, you know, scientists discovered how to eliminate emotions and let rational intellect take over the brain.

Which means no more women.

Even genetic anomalies have feelings.

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I’m Talkin’ Fringe. Again.

I got babies on the mind.

What? No, not me. It’s the politics.

Defining rape. And who controls women’s bodies. And whether or not Planned Parenthood is good for our country. (Spoiler alert: I think it is).

So in celebration of today’s referendum on Obama’s historic first term, here’s a post for you on the fate of the nuclear family on Fox’s Fringe.¬†(Spoiler alert: it’s doomed.)

The poster says “RESIST” and the lady is a beautiful martyr.

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The Art of Preposterous Narrative

Does anyone here watch Fringe? The SF show with Rupert Murdoch’s niece and the guy from Muppets from Space? Made by the team that destroyed our expectations for an intelligent TV show to stay intelligent?

Well, I do. And I like it.

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