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TV Schizophrenia (#MadMen)

In 1961, Thomas Szasz crystalized a particular kind of countercultural trope: the “mentally ill” genius. His The Myth of Mental Illness asserted that people can be “disabled by life.” That one sensitive to the absurdities and senselessness of life may appear mentally ill, but really tells Truth in a hostile society.

By now it’s trite: Sherlock Holmes, House, the lady in Homeland. Hannah Horvath. Gonzo.

No one’s crying about the dude in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest anymore.

But Peggy cried about Michael Ginsberg.

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On the Sound of Music Remake

Yup. Another pointless remake from studios who realized that they don’t need to pay good writers anymore. Y’all can wind your watches by it–except no one wears watches anymore bc checking the time is another excuse to get sucked into the smartphones.

What about the plot about how a white, blond, wealthy, non-disabled, non-gay, non-Jewish, non-Roma, non-anything-Hitler-disliked family had to flee the Nazis or be killed?

What are they gonna do with that story?

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Dissident Gardens is a Contender

For the Great American Novel.

Inasmuch as one ought to exist. Inasmuch as we’d know it now, if we happened upon it.

Glibly, the GAN is a bit like the Jewish Messiah: a concept that shapes our experience, that many people contest, and that, if it ever arrived, would signify the end of the world and life as we know it. And what fun would that be. Plus there’s the whole Jesus thing.

(Clearly, I’m not the kind of Jew who forswears her Twitter feed on the Shabbos. Ahem.)

For reals, here was my first reaction to Dissident Gardens, a basically plotless novel about 3 generations of secular Jewish lefties:


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I’ve Met Clinton, and You, Sir, Are No Clinton

*I have not met Bill Clinton.

Oh, Carlos. Carlos Danger.

If you and your wife agree on this, I don’t give a purple swollen tick about whatever, however, or whomever you text. Or when you texted it. And Maybe Huma doesn’t give a purple swollen tick either. In which case we shouldn’t give a purple swollen tick.

Lena, I see your point, but consensual sexting is nowhere near “consensual” oral sex with an intern. I’m pretty sure that most regular ol’ straight people experience gender/power dynamics in regular ol’ straight sex. How is mobile phone sex any different?

Why, you wanna send yer big, manly selfies to li’l old me? Li’l old me?


Rachel, I see your point too. But I find a hard time believing that a lie about one’s personal sex life indicates a lying world of lying lyingness on matters of public import. Notwithstanding the ballsiness (ahem) of the extended lie at issue.

Still, Carlos, you text your mother with that thumb?

Carry on.

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