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A Quick Corrective about “Traditional Marriage”

“Traditional marriage” was a property rights agreement. And God liked it that way. According to the Torah/Bible.

Biblical marriage was polygamy. And God liked it that way. According to the Torah/Bible.

Romantic marriage, as we know it now, is relatively modern in human history. Younger than a couple hundred years.

Straight marriage has about a 50% failure rate. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY PEOPLE. Except when sometimes closeted people divorce so that they can pursue same-sex relationships and their spouses can finally have a real romantic partnership.

Children have one parent, four parents, three parents (or no parents) all the time, EVEN WHEN ALL THE PARENTS ARE STRAIGHT.

Same-sex couples have been raising children for decades. Studies about their well-being exist*. THESE CHILDREN ARE FINE.

Except that, under federal law, their families are illegitimate. Second class. Subject to additional financial, legal, and health threats because of this second-class status.

So until their families are recognized by law as no threat at all to our world order, they will not be all the way fine.

*PS I’d add to Marcotte’s rundown of the “concern trolling” the arguments I heard yesterday on NPR about how gay marriage is a “young institution” and it’s “too soon” to know what “effects” it may have on society. This enrages me so much I’m barely articulate.

All I can say is: if my best friends’ kids, with two moms, will trigger the apocalypse, this f-in society may deserve it.


UPDATE: “Journalistic objectivity” demands that when a source on NPR claims that “we know nothing” about the “broad social effects” of this “new institution” of gay marriage, a freakin journalist points out, after the interview, on the air, that in fact WE DO KNOW THE EFFECTS. And those effects are virtually nil. There are STUDIES. Already. BAH.

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Is Obama a Centrist Republican?

Insofar as any exist. Which I know they do, in a Snuffleupagus sort of way.

Let’s consider some facts:

Obama loves business so much that he believes that market forces will improve our schools. And slow down climate change. And make quality health care more accessible.

He plans to bomb the what-what out of Iran if they don’t stop their ballyhooing and enriching. And his escalation of the drone program looks more like Elmer Fudd’s big gun than Bugs Bunny’s big carrot. Ruthlessness, collateral damage, kill lists. Everything Glen Greenwald says.

He didn’t fight, much, to regulate Wall Street, much.

Obamacare leaves the private health care industry infrastructure not only intact, but stronger. He booted out the “public option” without asking much (anything?) in return, despite the economic and moral costs of this decision.

Plus, Chris Rock.

I realize that our country has trended gently (the GOP more aggressively) rightward, such that, say, acknowledging in public that human-caused climate change is both a scientific fact and an urgent global crisis makes one a traitor to the nearly half of us red-staters.

But even in this bitterly partisan context, Obama’s pro-business and pro-war presidential actions do not smell lefty. At all. Not even close.

And yet…



What 3d world dictatorships systematically keep people from voting? Right. Swing state ones.



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The Futile Beauty of Bipartisan Economic Policy Recommendations

5 economists walk into a bar. The bartender says, “We don’t serve economists here.” And the 5 economists say


And the bartender says, your plan makes so much sense!!!!! Thank you, economists, for explaining everything so reasonably! Your hoppy, hoppy brews are on the house!

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Say What? (Health Care Reform)

Hah! Turns out that the NYT poll I cited last week is part of a larger trend of doomsday reporting on health care reform.

Check out this too-short analysis of ways that news outlets fail to report on the complexity of poll results.

To wit:

2. CNN/ORC, June 8

Topline: 51 percent of respondents oppose the Affordable Care Act.

This is Weird: There’s more to that 51 percent figure than meets the eye. It turns out that only one in three feel the law was “too liberal” (to use CNN’s somewhat slippery language). One in six said they objected to the law because it didn’t go far enough. And get this: A solid 5 percent don’t like the law but can’t explain why (see above, “most Americans just don’t understand the law”). It’s worth noting that support in CNN’s poll has been steadily growing for the last year and now sits at 43 percent.

Hah! It turns out that when people oppose the law, it could for anything: it doesn’t go far enough, it goes too far, it just feels wrong but I can’t tell you why.

As I suspected, poll results about health care reform are far more complex than we are told.

We don’t have a liberal media. We have an overworked media. All that consolidation and cost-cutting. And suddenly the progressives are saying the same thing as the Tea Party. Say what?

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Health Care Reform Death Watch?

I have no idea! The more commentary I read on the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the less I know about its chances of survival.

Here’s a speculation that it could survive even without the mandate.

Here’s a long article refuting the doomsayers. It is based on actual knowledge of the way the Supreme Court works. It helps to have the print version to carry around with you until you finish it. Unless you’ve got a few hours of computer time to spare this weekend.

Here’s a related (why did this make me laugh?) article about the Supreme Court hitting new lows. In approval rating (44%).

Apparently 7/8 of those surveyed believed that the justices make decisions based on more than neutral legal analysis.


Whether or not it’s true (achooscalia!), it’s a stunning indicator of how little we believe in the possibility of neutrality. And how deeply we expect political belief to influence us, even the best of us. Even those of us with the greatest responsibility to remain impartial.

And only 24% of those surveyed want the PPACA to stay intact. An astonishing indicator of how poorly the Democrats have sold the legislation these past 3 years.

By Independence Day, we’ll know! At least some people will be celebrating the foundations of our democracy. By then, we’ll know which people.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping in!

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Too Good Not to Blog About

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Wonkbook has a hilarious post about the grade-level of Congressional rhetoric. News flash: it’s gone down.

Specifically, it’s gone down since 2005. Look at that dizzying drop!

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