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Listing Explanations for the List of Literary Lists

Did you ever wonder why there are so many lists in contemporary literature?

Yeah, probably not.

But here’s a catalog of some of the more delightful ones anyway, in case you’re list-curious.

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More From Maurice Sendak

This interview with him made me so happy, when I read it last September.

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The Nightingale’s Thorn (Ozick Post)

In a 1997 interview, Cynthia Ozick explains why she rejects the phrase “women’s writer” but accepts “Jewish writer”:

“Jewish” is a category of civilization, culture, and intellect, and “woman” is a category of anatomy and physiology. It’s rough thinking to confuse vast cultural and intellectual movements with the capacity to bear children.

Rough thinking? Ms. Ozick I disagree. Are you saying that there is no vast intellectual and cultural movement by women, focusing on women, exploring women’s experience? Because, if so, this book doesn’t quite add up.

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Next Year in a Beautiful Bookstore

First of all: Happy Pesach to my Jewish friends–1.7% of the country, but maybe more like 50% of readers of this blog? I hope you had a lovely seder, or two, this past weekend. And for you 78.4% of the country (approx 45% of readers of this blog): Happy Easter! I hope that all your eggs were found and accounted for. (Insert offensive fertility joke here).

Secondly: My Passover post is also a bookstore-economics post.

About a week and a half ago, at a moderate Procrastination Level 5 (on a scale of 1-7, with 7 being the-seder-starts-in-an-hour-and-the-haggadah-isn’t-ready), I called our local independent bookstore to ask if they had this book:

Here’s how the conversation went.

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