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The Senate version of the AHCA has some stupid-ass name I refuse to engage. I will, however, engage with any so-and-so who dares come at me with any argument about anything good about this bill. No one likes it. Except the people that pay GOPpers to destroy our civil society.  Continue reading

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Apples Falling Every Which Way

What book gives you nightmares, beefens your beef with anti-abortionists, forces you to rethink much of not only your academic training but your very sense of self (not the same thing, thanks), and makes you profoundly grateful for it all: the book, the life, the self, the questioning?

What book could also serve as a pretty good flak jacket?

What book made one of the all-time-best holiday gifts for a certain Thinker for Hire?

What book completely befuddles the casual book review blogger by out-booking every possible way to contain it?

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A grab bag of detritus from this week, with more extended thoughts below.


Clinton’s testimony inspired some fabulous giffing.


Mike Doughty uses his KNOWLEDGE of SINGING to ‘splain how Beyonc√© was not lip-syncing and could you please lay off her already because she’s “a samurai.”

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