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Apparently Anger is Not a Strategy

Regular readers may have already read Rebecca Traister’s profile of 2017 HRC. If not, now you know how you’ll spend Memorial Day weekend: mourning the memory of democracy last summer.

Here’s my favorite passage, in which Hillary Rodham Clinton, who doesn’t have time for therapy except for a few sessions with Bill in the 90s, echoes what my therapist recently told me about my own feminist anger:

There are plenty of people who yearned for Clinton to get mad; during the campaign, an imagined litany of Clinton’s fury entitled “Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am” went viral. “Oh, I am [pissed],” she says. But as a woman in public life, “you can’t be angry for yourself. You just can’t. You can be indignant, you can be annoyed, you can be frustrated, but you can’t be angry … I don’t think anger’s a strategy.”

You mean it’s not a strategy for you, I clarify. “For me, yeah.” She pauses. “But I don’t think it’s a good strategy for most people.”

But this was an election that was, in many ways, about anger. And Trump and Sanders capitalized on that.

“Yes.” Clinton nods. “And I beat both of them.”

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Too Many Know-Nothings

I keep meaning to polish a piece on the many potential, disastrous TrumpCares, but the health care news changes too fast for a day-gigging TfH to keep up! Today, though, a li’l gem came through the nethole quick enough for a brief day gig break:

DT has appointed a White House health care adviser that believes that birth control constitutes medical malpractice.

The only technology besides the printing press that singlehandedly enacted massive social change. The technology that let women work outside the home. Effect self-determination. Find meaning in an identity that is not exclusively maternal. Experience pleasure without consequence (obvies that’s the god squad’s actual problem with repro health).

Our economy relies on the pill because we need two incomes to even barely try to stay afloat.

Plus also BIRTH CONTROL PREVENTS CONCEPTION, WHICH IN TURN PREVENTS ABORTION. If you want to end abortion, give everyone a LARC. Unless abortion-hate itself masks the real belief: that women shouldn’t have sex. Which is the only way I can understand any of this.

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Theory of a Bully

Political theory!

Donald Duck plans to gut Hillary Clinton’s signature work in the State Department out of revenge for her kicking his ass (3 million more votes!) and wiping his gilded counters with it, with a smile, all over the place everywhere except for a few folks in key rust belt states.

Or maybe it’s not about petty, petty-ass schoolboy revenge. Maybe he really does hate that the US government has worked to prevent genital mutilation, human trafficking, and the state-sponsored or supported imprisonment, rape, and murder of women and girls advocating for their own rights in other nations.

Maybe he’s just a simple man who only wants, in his 24K heart, to gut all government spending on human rights, civil rights, and the mitigation of climate change-driven devastation. Maybe deep down in his soul, all he asks from Santa is to divert that money to nuclear warheads, like all the country’s blood rushing to a massive erection, the spectacle of his power.

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The only way to prevent chaos is to create better chaos

He’s already setting explosive charges around the structures holding up our country, anticipating their imminent collapse.

I’m not saying he plans to destroy every single institution that together have made our country a beacon of freedom (a beacon wobbling on its foundation of slavery, theft  and continued perpetuation of inequality, but a beacon in a blighted world nonetheless).

I’m saying that if he wanted to destroy our democratic institutions, this is exactly how he’d do it: nominate known enemies of government to head the agencies they most hate; appoint billionaires, abusers and exploiters to manage systems designed to protect our most vulnerable; refuse the legitimacy and relevance of empirical facts–including those gathered by our intelligence officers, not to mention those required to prevent our grandchildrens’ necessary future evacuation from U.S. cities too hot to sustain human life; plant surrogates that openly question the benefit of a free press; proudly praise autocrats for killing their political enemies.

And whither the Democrats?

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Things that Are Identity Politics

  1. Eliminating Affirmative Action
  2. Increasing the use of school vouchers and charter schools (e.g. privatizing public schools)
  3. Ending health insurance for millions of recently insured lower and middle income people (e.g. privatizing the safety net)
  4. Taking health care away from women (e.g. privatizing my uterus)
  5. Taking rights away from LGBTQ people and families
  6. Kicking undocumented people out of their homes and communities
  7. Making policies that assume all Muslims are terrorists
  8. Making policies that assume all immigrants are criminals
  9. Installing financial world cronies in government positions (e.g. privatizing government)
  10. Asserting that talking about the existence of racism is racist
  11. Asserting that talking about the existence of sexism is sexist
  12. Asserting that climate change is not human-made and withdrawing from international agreements that would prevent our kids and grandkids from living in a US too hot to survive
  13. Claiming that public schools are a disaster and need to be transformed
  14. Claiming that low income neighborhoods are a disaster and need to be transformed
  15. Claiming that 2.5 million fewer popular votes is a mandate
  16. Lying about Putin
  17. Lying about Clinton
  18. Lying about the other Clinton
  19. Lying about business investments and globally networked conflicts of interest
  20. Lying about the role of one’s family in the planned oligarchy/kleptocracy/Russian puppet government
  21. Lying about rape
  22. Lying about that thing you said last week/last month/last year
  23. Pretty much everything that’s happening in the news right now and potentially for the next four years
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Find the Ideology

Donald Duck continues to say whatever works for whoever’s in the room with him–from the Nazis who love him to the Jewish journos in the NY Times conference room.

He recently called take-backsies on some of his rally blockbusters, calling HRC a decent person who’s maybe been through enough already without ongoing baseless political prosecution. Conceding that global agreements to mitigate climate change may warrant “an open mind.” Acknowledging that maybe torture isn’t such a good idea–for terrorists at least. Not sure if he still wants to lynch those journalists he tried so hard to please yesterday.

The only commitment he has not wiffle-waffled on in the past week is his commitment to self-enrichment through monetizing the Trump brand. He asserts that conflicts of interest don’t exist for presidents. He advocates for his children to simultaneously take over his business and serve informally in state roles. He anticipates the opportunity to stack the nation’s courts with pro-business, anti-worker judges.

The irony of a so-called people’s champion who shits in a gold-encrusted bathroom that we paid for has been too much to bear these past two weeks.

His actions as president-elect have crystalized his apparent goal of pure self-aggrandizement. He was suckled on a eugenic nationalist interpretation of Protestant capitalism and will govern accordingly.

People voted for a bully because they thought a bully might help them. But bullies only ever help themselves and their tight pack of fellow thugs.

We were supposed to have learned this in the schoolyard already. Long before voting age.

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