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Local treasure Chalkbeat, an education philanthropy-funded education news site, published a gangbusters report on about one third of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s education philanthropy spending.

Some helpful timing! Journo Anand Giridharadas just published a book on how elites have always used philanthropy to reinforce their elite positions. A book funded in part by enough philanthropy dollars to help Giridharasdas make a very lumpy bed to lay in. Continue reading

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Sandberg, Millennial Journalism, and Evolution

What do they have in common?

Pretty much nothing.

But the Sandberg stuff and the journalism stuff have been pricking people’s underbellies recently. I thought I could helpfully share some of the more helpful entries in these latest blogosphere buggaboos.

The evolution thing is just cool.

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Getting Realistic about Online Ads

Are online media emperors nekkid?

Are our expectations of ad-based revenue models for major digital media companies misplaced?

Derek Thompson says, resoundingly, persuasively, concisely, lord yes.

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Mainlining Thinker for Hire

Do you want to get your daily TfH rants, prods, and chuckles in your Facebook and Twitter feeds?

Like me here and follow me there.

Well done!

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Watch Out, Social Media!

Hi friends. I finally screwed my head on and put Thinker for Hire onto Facebook and Twitter.

If you are  so inclined, I would love your follows and likes and whatnots. LOVE THEM.

Of course, I welcome the time suck involved with extending Thinker for Hire’s reach into yet more social networks.

No really. I do.


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Monetizing the Mobile Era

Via Alexis Madrigal (I refuse to link to him because when you open his Atlantic blog page, you get the ancient phone modem sound, which would be fun & cheeky of Madrigal except it’s one of the most grating sounds that technology has ever produced. Second to the beeps when you accidentally dial up a fax machine when you’re trying to reach your embarrassing medical provider, like your urologist, or make your colonoscopy appointment, and it’s already been a long day and you can’t believe you dialed up the fax machine instead and why can’t you get anything right and all you need is just 2 hours off from life, maybe in a cave or under the bed, because you can’t get to a beach from here, and you’d be ok.)

I’m sorry. Were you saying something?

So you guys know that I love the skeptical economics. Well, this article is making my day. Even though I read it like 2 days ago. That’s how good it is.

Some trendsetting pros are pointing to a $20B gap between “traditional” online and mobile advertising income streams. They are calling it the $20 billion promise of mobile ads. But my BFFs Frédéric Filloux and Jean-Louis Gassée very reasonably and calmly point out that this $20B emperor is nekkid. As nekkid as some of the (insert online porn joke here yourself. This is a family blog).

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